we do bear hands marketing

We are a troubleshooting digital marketing agency, that not only offer solutions – but actually solve your business issues, by using well-played marketing, real data and great design.

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We do bear hands marketing

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Paid Marketing

Google, Facebook, or Instagram – we’ll target your audience on whatever platform they call “home,” relay your creative message in the tone of voice they like best. 



Don’t tell anyone – but we like people. As a result, we enjoy creating clear and easy to use web interfaces, the kind that provides a unique experience and gets your users excited while converting them into paying customers.

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Brand Strategy

Promote your organization’s updates to targeted audiences on desktop, mobile, and tablet. Drive awareness and leads in the world’s most viewed professional news feed.

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Web Design
and Developing

Site development using WordPress with a unique, sleek, and trendy look – from scratch. A design that enhances any users’ experience, turning into a fun one and getting them to come back multiple times. 

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Web Analytics

Trying to figure out why users aren’t converting? Why they take some actions but not others? Why they abandon their cart? We’ll ask the right questions, produce reports, and measure anything possible to get to the bottom of whatever is bothering them. 


Marketing consulting

Are you about to establish your start-up? Putting together a new venture? Trying to market yourself but afraid of making mistakes?  A meeting or a chat with us will help you get  best understainding of your marketing strategy.

“the best marketing doesn't
feel like marketing”
- Tom Fishbuorn

Our advantages

why us?
cause we care, bear!

We have about 149 reasons
(really, there’s a list), but it’s a little too long
for the site so let’s go with these four


As an on-brand boutique marketing agency we’re all about making the best moves for your business.

You won’t get any half baked answers or multiple “maybes”, we’re not helping your business just to get another retainer which is why we work using a commitment-free, fully transparent model. That’s how much we appreciate your business. That’s how much we love our baby.


That’s all the honey we need

We would like to express our appreciation to Toyber Marketing for your reliable and professional service in promoting our business at Digital Arena. Last year, we hired them to promote us in the digital space.
We have been treated with appropriate, professional service while responding to our request in a gracious and tolerant manner. We see their work in the number of referrals, and the many referrals that have become regular customers. TOYBER had an important part in this process. We hope that we will continue to work together in the future to accomplish great achievements.

Certainly, their credibility, responsibility, and professionalism have made a real contribution to the advancement of our business.


Luba Chernyak

Everything we do with TOYBER is done with a tremendous and positive can-do attitude. They care about us and our business.

They’re always honest and happy to provide insight and opinions and are a large part of the fact that we are still booked continuously,
Thank you

Tarin Events

Yafit Amrabi

We all know that starting a business is hard work, but starting it is step 1.

You also need to “sell” your business.

Under advice from a friend, I came to Michael and TOYBER, and from day one, I was treated with the best service I’ve ever gotten – they were attentive, provided great insight, and worked through all my requests, preferences, and demands.

My new site was up in a matter of days, and I only had three minor comments that required fixing, the TOYBER Team handled the rest.

The final result was a high-quality website with effective promotion, which is priceless since, to me – the time is money. I would much rather have professionals like Michael and his team handling the promotional aspects of my business since it allows me to deal with day to day operations, increases revenue, and even clears up more quality time with the family.

I’m very thankful to Michael and his team for the cooperation, the positive attitude, patience, and professionalism.

Excluserve Israel

Kira Mashinski

We approached Toyber wanting to upgrade two separate companies. We needed full branding work with an international site for our industrial start-up, which deals in worldwide export and new branding work for an older local Israeli service business.

The Toyber crew were more than happy to take up the challenge with speed and professionalism: Michael helped much with engineering a practical marketing approach and was very instrumental in realizing all parts of our plan. In contrast, Karin helped create just the right branding approach down to the letter, exactly like we wanted and hoped for!

Technodel, VP Business Development

Elie Dashevsky

As a writer, I have never been at a loss for words – but when deciding to launch Cinemaholic, my movie/pop-culture review site I was simply lost – there were so many options and decisions to make, things I would be hopelessly lost with.

But Michael & Karin from TOYBER came in and saved the day for me – they helped me with a Facebook page that is now going on 5000 likes and hundreds of unique visitors per month.

No matter what your business is – you’d be wise to drop them a line, because with professionals like them – you can only go up!

Cinemaholic, Owner

Reshef Shire

Our happy clients



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