Avi Habira

About the Project

Avi Habira strive to be a welcoming, authentic, and community-oriented space, where people can connect, learn, and experience the joy of beer. Their goal is to become the go-to destination for beer enthusiasts and professionals in Israel, and to be synonymous with beer culture in the country. Whether you're a seasoned beer lover or just starting to explore, you are welcome you to join and be part of Avi's beer community.


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A father figure

Whether you're just starting in craft brewing or a seasoned pro, you seek someone you can trust, a face for your community, a "father" figure – someone like... Avi! (which means "Father" in Hebrew).

The name not only means "Father" in Hebrew but also cleverly embodies our mission to be your guiding "father figure" in the craft brewing world, with a playful twist on the owner's name - Avi.

Concept and Logo

Bro, it'll be fine!

What makes us stand out, both as individuals and as proud Israelis? It's the genuine warmth of our friendships, our unshakable belief that "everything will be fine," and our deep sense of brotherhood. Above all, it's our shared longing for peace.

In crafting this brand, we aimed to capture the essence of Israeli brotherhood, our deep-rooted connection to the land, and our unwavering peace-seeking spirit. This led us to the concept of featuring a dove with an olive branch as our symbol, But with a fun beer twist - we made it a dove with a hop branch instead.

Image by upklyak on Freepik | Image by gleb_guralnyk on Freepik


The essence of the Israeli identity

We carefully selected the colors of our brand to capture the essence of our Israeli identity and create a unique, grounded, and slightly vintage feel.

The beige represents cork beer coasters and cork Bulletin Board, a symbol of craftsmanship and tradition. Green signifies hop, Brown stands for a wooden barrel used for brewing craft beer, while yellow symbolizes the golden wheat used in brewing. Finally, black adds a touch of nightlife excitement, reflecting the vibrant energy of our diverse culture.

These colors blend harmoniously to give our brand that distinct Israeli character, firmly rooted in tradition and the land.

Beer is in our roots

Avi's love story with the world of beer begins somewhere in the 70s and 80s in his father's bar, in Eilat. There he learned the art of brewing beer and realized that from here - it's forever. You can say that beer runs in their family. In their roots.

A dove with an olive leaf symbolizes peace and our identity as Israelis. The story of Noah's Ark, with themes of kindness, family, and new beginnings, mirrors our values in Avi Habira.

The tagline we came up with - "Beer is in our roots," echoes our history and our quest for peace, a better future, and a place to call home, along with Avi's personal history with beer. The dove signifies our settlement in Israel, our bond with the land and nature, and our pursuit of a peaceful community in our diverse culture.

In conclusion

We created for Avi an Israeli, authentic, rooted brand that cherishes the values of unity, brotherhood and love of the land.

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