About the Project

Ktovet is a SAAS program designed to change the real estate market. They offer property owners a user-friendly digital platform to independently sell or rent their properties. With comprehensive property improvement services, they ensure that every listing shines, and EVERYONE can sell or rent their property by themselves. Ktovet is your gateway to hassle-free property transactions."


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An address is not just a physical location; it's the heart of a property,

The name "Ktovet," meaning "address" in Hebrew, was chosen with a purposeful and clever intent. It encapsulates the essence of the project by cleverly blending the concept of an address with real estate. An address is not just a physical location; it's the heart of a property, the place where dreams take root, and where countless stories unfold. By naming our project "Ktovet," we symbolize the significance of every address in the real estate world. It's a name that conveys both the practicality of property transactions and the emotional connection people have to their homes, making it a perfect fit for our platform.

Concept and Colors

Guide users to their desired property addresses with ease.

Our logo features the word "Ktovet," where the letter "O" is cleverly designed to resemble a navigation and location icon. This design choice embodies the essence of our brand. The "O" signifies the central role of location in real estate transactions, highlighting that we're here to guide users to their desired property addresses with ease.

Our vibrant purple grabs attention, representing creativity and innovation. Yellow adds joy and positivity, while the light blue-gray backdrop signifies trustworthiness. Touches of turquoise enhance clarity and communication on our platform.

In conclusion

In summary, our branding at Ktovet embodies innovation, positivity, and simplicity. The vibrant colors and clever logo design reflect our commitment to making real estate transactions joyful, reliable, and user-friendly. We're here to redefine the real estate experience, one address at a time.

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