Touch Conference

About the Project

Touch conference is the exclusive importer and distributor for all Neat products here in Israel. They provide their customers (Zoom/Teams) the best enterprise grade experience for virtual meetings.


Brand Strategy | UX UI Web Design | Development


The Goal

Modernize Their Image

Touch Conference was looking for a rebranding strategy to modernize their image and capture a broader Israeli market while retaining elements of their existing brand.

Logo Concept

Balancing Tradition with Modernity

Our primary aim was to rejuvenate Touch Conference's branding while preserving its core identity. The existing logo featured a fingerprint motif in blue, which we maintained as a recognizable element. However, we reimagined it in a more contemporary and gentle style, integrating the letter "C" to represent "Conference." This approach allowed us to strike a balance between the old and the new, ensuring familiarity while embracing modern aesthetics.



Vibrancy, Partnership, and Balance

In our color selection, we incorporated vibrant blue, symbolizing our brand's heritage, and added a touch of purple to signify our exclusive partnership with Neat. To provide balance and professionalism, we introduced a soft, neutral blue-gray, ideal for backgrounds and complementary elements.


UX UI Web Design and Development

Communicates The Brand's Message.

When we first collaborated with Touch Conference, we created a successful landing page. Recognizing the potential, they decided to revamp their entire website and brand identity.

The old website was confusing and didn't align with the brand. We undertook the task of designing a new, modern website that not only looks appealing but also effectively communicates the brand's message. Our approach was rooted in professionalism, resulting in a website that complements Touch Conference's rebranding efforts and establishes a strong online presence. We transformed their online platform into a powerful tool, solidifying their position as a leader in virtual meeting solutions.

In Conclusion

Communicates The Brand's Message.

In this project, we seamlessly fused a refreshed brand identity with a modern and engaging website, redefining Touch Conference's online presence. From revitalizing their logo to designing a user-friendly interface, our mission was clear: to create a cohesive, professional, and impactful brand experience. This transformation positions Touch Conference as a leading force in the realm of virtual meetings, ready to conquer new horizons.


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