InfoFlo Print

About the Project

All in one software to manage a Print Shop. With InfoFlo, users can easily and simply manage their print shop workflow from new order all the way to getting invoices paid.


UX UI - One Pager | Development

The Challenge

How do you enter a traditional market with a technological and modern product? .

This was Infoflopay's big challenge when they decided to launch the infoflo Print service. The potential customers are printers in the United States, a traditional audience that has been using its existing software for years and are in no hurry to change habits.

The Goal

After researching the target audience and building personas, we built an accurate user interface that presents the benefits of the product in the simplest language, with the help of design elements that reinforce the fact that it is an advanced solutions company that provides a customized solution for each printing house. A modern company that understands exactly where the world is going to, and provides an "All-in-one" solution.

The Result

To make it easy for the users to understand the benefits of Infoflo Print, we designed a one-pager with a modern look, eye-catching colors, and screenshots showing what can be done using the software. We've separated the powerful features - that make the interface what it is - from the nice-to-have features, so the user sees what's important right away.

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