Pillow Booking

About the Project

The PILLOW widget will locate for you the most recommended offers for a nursing home for your loved ones, without obligation and while maintaining your privacy.


UX UI - One Pager | Development | Marketing


As part of designing a new website for Gold Factor, we characterized and designed a unique page for their specific service called Pillow Booking.

The Goal

The goal was to present this service in an extra special way, which is usually the first thing new customers see. We wanted to explain all the benefits of the unique tool, and to dispel any concerns that may arise to the users. The venture is relatively new, and we were contacted when one of the company's most important services had no page on the site at all.

The Result

A service page that also functions as a landing page. The users come directly to this page, and get all the answers to the questions they have about the product, so that they can start using the widget.

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