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Marketing consulting

A couple of hours of a meeting or a video call can solve many of your hesitations on how to market your business.

Our consulting includes:

  • Marketing kick-off plan
  • An effective marketing strategy that develops specifically for you
  • Review your digital business assets (Websites and Landing pages)
  • Base your brand on multiple channels
  • KPI: What metrics and indicators you should track 
  • Conversion rate optimization: How to make your users convert better.
  • Web analytics optimization 
  • UX and users behaviour flow

it’s only fair, bear


let’s meet or zoom!

In couple meeting or a video call, we can solve many of your hesitations. We do this by reviewing your website or landing page, PPC campaigns, content and UX, web analytics reports and give you a real insight on your digital appearance.

It’s about time someone will be interested in your users.

This bear jokes are unbearable

Digital marketing can be tough, but we’re here to help. Let us troubleshoot issues, prevent losses, seize opportunities, and scale your business. Plus, we have a yellow bear!