Everything a website needs to convert

Website Design
and Development

What would you consider a “good site”?
Some say looks, and others say its mobile adaptability, and even more, will say its all about the conent.
We say it’s a little of everything and build our sites accordingly. After doing some research – we’ll turn your site into a real beauty.

  • Research
  • Creating Personas
  • UX
  • UI Design
  • Development and QA

First Things First - Do you actually need a website?

Before investing time and money in a new website, it’s important to understand the difference between a website and a landing page, and decide which will suit your needs better.

A landing page is a specific web page that is designed to convert visitors into leads or customers. Landing pages are often used in customer journeys, and they can be a powerful tool for boosting conversion rates. The website, on the other hand, is where users can wander and explore. They can find information and specific details that will help them make purchasing decisions as they wish. So, do you need a website or a landing page?
consult with us – that’s exactly what we do best!


  • Show your service or product and express the brand without limit.

  • Long-term brand

  • Multiple web pages.

  • Less flexible. It is usually only one official version that is published. Future modifications can be made when needed.

Landing Page

  • Created for a unique marketing plan with a specific outcome.

  • Short-term campaign asset.

  • One-Pager.

  • Flexible. For testing, owners may create several versions at once.

UX - User Experience

Humans are both rational and emotional; both sides plays an important role in how users think and interact with a website.

UX  design allows us to be as flexible and versatile as possible. During this phase, we’ll sketch the structure of the website, and create the most user-friendly solution to our brand personas.
We always keep our clients in the picture and work together step by step. We believe that is the only way to achieve brilliant results that users love.

  • Competitor Research
  • KPI's
  • Building Personas
  • Wireframing
  • Feedbacks
  • How long doest it take? - 21-31 Days.

UI - Conversion-Focused Design

User interface design is focused on the looks — how each element of the product will look – including buttons, Images, brand colors, logos, fonts, checkboxes, and any other visual elements people interact with.

In this mobile-screen era, where mobile devices are what people use most of the time, responsive design has been an integral part of UI design. The ultimate goal is to make interfaces viewable and appealing to both desktop and mobile users.

We apply your brand’s colors, images and fonts on top of the UX interface we’ve created in the previous step – to create a website or landing page that users love, understand and purchase from.

  • Create Conversion Focused Design
  • Embed Branding Kit
  • Insert Images, Videos, Icons, Logos, etc.
  • Feedbacks
  • How long doest it take? - 14-21 Days.


Our team of developers are not “go-getters”. They work closely with the designer and provide unique and customized solutions for each section on the website.
In this phase, we make sure the site’s technical aspects work properly, such as its performance and capacity, page’s speed and at last – QA.

  • Create Custom Theme
  • Website Speed Optimization
  • Google Analytics Tracking Based on KPI's
  • Integrations
  • *Accessibility
  • QA
  • How long doest it take? - 21+ Days.

What's It Like Working With Us?

We've worked with TOYBER on rebuilding our organization's website. They guided and ran our campaigns for the website, and we've achieved an wonderful, colorful and easy-to-use result.

Arik Bider

Anachno H'aTzeirim

“The TOYBER team provides a complete solutions for all digital marketing needs, and they do everything in the most professional and pleasant way, fun to work with and at completely sane and fair prices. Highly recommend”

Rona Erlich

Revital Vision

Michael and Karin built me ​​a site with much more than design but a lot of heart and emotion, attention and patience. From the beginning to the end, it's a unique experience.

Eydan Or Guy

Author of "סיפור לבן" and "פשוט נגישות"

A Full-Service Agency That Cares

We don’t just provide a service or a product — we provide a solution. We’ll work with you every step of the way, from strategy through execution, so that you can achieve success in both the short and long term.

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Digital marketing can be tough, but we’re here to help. Let us troubleshoot issues, prevent losses, seize opportunities, and scale your business. Plus, we have a yellow bear!