Aley Dafna Catering

About the Project

Aley Dafna are catering with a slightly different statement. They have everything at eye level, nothing is hidden from the customer’s eyes, they talk to you in person and provide the highest level of service.


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Roughness and Delicacy Can Work Together

After several years working there as the two head chefs of the catering, Avi and Sagi became the owners of the place, and they decided to rebrand the business in a way that would put the focus on the right places, which was not the case with the previous branding.

They wanted to show through the branding the personalities of the two chefs - Sagi’s roughness, masculinity, and manual work (the butcher’s knife) in front of the delicacy and attention to the small details in Avi’s approach (the dessert fork).


Food - The Way It Should Be

We wanted to highlight the fun of working with Aley Dafna. The food, the creativity, the lack of minimalism, and the lack of perfectionism, which are expressed in colorful sauce spreads, crumbs, and dirt that are thrown everywhere. They do not have small and perfect dishes that are not fully satisfying. For them, the food is real, authentic, dirty, and fun - as food should be.


Sauce preads, Crumbs,
and Dirt

Aley Dafna Catering's branding incorporates a vibrant red-orange, symbolizing the rich flavors of wine, meat, and savory sauces they offer. This bold hue captures the essence of their culinary expertise. Complementing this, the beige tones evoke a sense of creamy indulgence, while the deep brown hues resemble the delightful texture of crumbs, making their branding a delectable visual representation of their catering excellence.

In conclusion

Avi and Sagi, the dynamic duo behind Aley Dafna Catering, rebranded their business to reflect their unique personalities. The new branding we created for them captures the essence of their playful, authentic, and messy approach to food – a celebration of culinary realness and fun. It's a true reflection of Aley Dafna Catering's spirit.

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