Alfa Translations

Alpha Translations is a long-standing translation company, offering professional translation services and transcription services at the highest level of quality and professionalism. The company works with government ministries, the military industry, Clalit health funds, foreign embassies in Israel, dozens of law firms, high-tech companies, etc.

UX UI Web Design | Development | Marketing

Website design, UX/UI, and development

In a field that is considered traditional, the company wanted to show that it is innovative, modern, and young. It had to stand out from the competition and show that they also appeal to a younger audience.

Adding Illustration

Adding illustrations was a key step of the site’s new branding.
We wanted to present happy and colorful characters that tell the brand story, showcase the services, and give a young and fresh perspective of a field that is considered to be “old-fashion”.

15 Minutes to Boost Your Revenue: Let's Talk Marketing

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Ha’Maayan 2, Modi’in, Israel

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