About the Project

WEDAWAY wedding calculator – a unique solution for the wedding industry. WedAway is a Luxury wedding planner, helping Israeli couples organize weddings across the sea – in the most beautiful places of Italy, Cyprus and Greece.


UX UI Web Design | Development


We created a unique wedding calculator. Using this tool, young couples can calculate the cost of a wedding abroad and find the most suitable locations for their big day.

How does it work?

Answer questions such as how many guests you anticipate having at the wedding, which country you prefer for a wedding, what time of year, what style, etc. The calculator will give an initial estimate of the budget and costs, as well as suggest places that are relevant to your wedding vacation. Afterwards, the representative will contact you with suggestions based on your preferences.

The Problem

Many gathering for information leads, to a lower conversation rate. Cold leads consume a lot of time and require more sales agents to filter them (cold = Leads who are uneducated about the service solution, the overseas niche, the budget)

The Goal

Reduce the number of unqualified leads and created more educated leads.

The Solution

For this tool to be successful, we needed to know what it takes for a couple to arrange a wedding overseas, and which problems and obstacles they face during the planning process. Fortunately, we happen to be such a couple, who got married overseas with Wedaway! so we knew for sure how to simplify this process for the newlyweds. Using Wedaway's years of accumulated data about users, internal analytics, and our personal experience - and Ba-Bam! We created Wedaway's calculator.

The Result

The tool works like a charm. Within a few weeks, Wedaway started accepting warm leads , asking more accurate questions, spending less time on cold calling and having more conversions.

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